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Dark Souls progress: part 2

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Original forum post: 8 January 2014

Following some forum advice, I went and fought the Taurus Demon instead of the Knight. Much easier; beat him in about three attempts – not much harder than a Colusssus in Shadow of the Colossus, really. After getting the first hit by leaping on top of him (plunging attacks do loads of damage), he was easy to avoid while luring him along the length of the battlements; it was just when he had me trapped at the end that he was dangerous, because it was hard to get around him to the other side (it might have been easier if I was more deft at detaching the target lock-on). Couple of worrying moments when his swings caught me while I was climbing the ladder, but I survived!

I have given that Knight a couple more attempts since then – but the only time I’ve had any luck bringing his health down significantly was when he chased me up to the top of the sniper’s nest tower, he followed me up, I ran back down, and then he got stuck in the doorway while I pummelled him with pyromancy spells! … But then he escaped and I DIED. 😦

Switched to a Longsword rather than the Handaxe.

And then, shortly afterwards…


Fortunately he doesn’t seem too active yet. But occasionally – randomly? – he’ll torch the entire bridge while I’m fighting the enemies on the way to the safety of the staircase.

Around that part: hooray, at last, I see a new bonfire below me! So I jump off and…


Next time I reached that spot I noticed that I could kick down the ladder. Hooray, a shortcut!

So then it’s time for the Undead Parish. Up the stairs I go and… OH NO NOT ANOTHER KNIGHT.

So I head the other way, and come across a great big armoured warthog. He and the guys around him give me no end of trouble. I first try to rain down pyromancy and firebombs from the bridge where the archers were… but keep accidentally falling off and getting gored by the monster. I eventually beat it by hanging around the fire at the bottom of the steps so that I can lure him into it and be near an escape route – I get lucky when he collides with it, then finish him off with pyromancy.

After deafeating him I read the description on the Alluring Skull and guess I was supposed to throw them into/behind the two fires, which would probably have been easier. Ah well.

I pick up a key around there. I backtrack to the locked doors I’ve seen, but I don’t know where I can use it yet.

The next section is a lot easier. Pick up a Knight Shield, which doesn’t seem any better than the one I’ve currently got, except it’s heavier. Go into the church and kill the more armoured knight enemies surprisingly easily. There’s some sort of spellcaster enemy raining down attacks on me from above, but they’re easy to avoid.

Shortly afterwards, I meet a new big knight enemy waiting at a church alter. Uh-oh! But pyromancy is SUPER EFFECTIVE against him and he goes down quickly.

YAY A NEW BONFIRE! Immediately afterwards, I meet my first blacksmith! Upgrade my Longsword to +1.

Down from the blacksmith is a giant scorpion-tailed enemy shooting bolts of lightning. My attacks barely hurt him, and he kills me quickly. But a message on the floor says he’s weak against lightning. I have a couple of items that can give my sword lightning properties, so maybe I should give that a try next time?

Going the other way, it turns out that spellcaster standing high in the church is surrounded by has an army of zombies. Nope, don’t want to seriously face him yet!

Somewhere around there, I step on a lift. Uh-oh, where is this taking me…?

… oh, just back to Firelink Shrine. Yay, another useful shortcut!

Back in Firelink, I head back to the graveyard. Kill those two small skeletons then run round like crazy picking up various items in the graveyard… OH GOD GIANT SKELETONS! Somehow I manage to escape from them.

There’s someone trapped behind bars. Apparently I can use the thing I found on the big knight’s altar to upgrade my Estus Flasks here. I decide to do so. Is that permanent?

For a laugh, I decide to go down the big circular lift that I’d found near the start of the game and immediately run away from. The area it takes me to is dark, but… hang on, is that a blacksmith behind bars? Wait a moment… are you telling me that I could have had access to a blacksmith almost right from the very start of the game? How infuriating.

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