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Dark Souls progress: part 3

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Original forum post: 11 January 2014


Lvl26, 13h playtime. Main weapon: Longsword (now upgraded to +4).


I’m not sure where I acquired the key, but I was able to open a door near the dragon’s bridge, which led to a – for want of a better word – residential area. Rescued the guy locked in the house, and a couple of corpses embedded in barrels gave me some new equipment like Sorcerer and Thief clothing. There’s also a shortcut nearby linking back to the Undead Burg merchant.

I have acquired a sorcerer’s catalyst from somewhere – I think from the room I mentioned above. But I can’t use it yet – my character just sort of looks at it a bit quizzically. There’s a guy by Firelink I can buy spells from (the man I rescued, I think), but I haven’t been able to afford any yet.

Hmm… let’s see what’s through this fog door…

I see a boss health bar. I read its name:

“Oh, so this is that Capra Demon I’ve seen mentioned so much?

“…Oh, I’m dead.”

Won’t be going there again just yet…

Knight time


On a more positive note: I finally defeated that Undead Burg black knight who had given me so much trouble! Admittedly I did it mainly via fireballs, rather than the manly way of melee combat…

Killed the knight at the top of the spiral staircase tower at the start of the Undead Parish, too, who was somewhat easier.

Undead Parish gargoyle boss

Killed the scorpion-tailed enemy (Titanite Demon) near the blacksmith. Didn’t head far into the forest area, beyond killing a couple of tree enemies.

The necromancer fella with the gang of undead was surprisingly easy – once I’d taken out his minions, it only took a few fireballs.

And then it was time to face the Gargoyle so I could ring the bell…

… OK, got in a few good hits… these attacks don’t seem too hard to dodge…


… ok, never mind, stay calm, I’m sure I can handle this…


… Oh I see – now the first one has fire attacks too. Yes, that’s fair.

That was the pattern for most of my attempts at that boss fight: I’d get the one down to 50% health pretty easily – sometimes without even getting hit. Then when the fire attacks would start, I’d survive until one of them was down to about 10% health, and then die.

(There were also, of course, a couple of tries when I got knocked off the roof. Or rolled off. Or, in one particularly embarrassing death, I got knocked right towards the edge of the roof… it looked like I was going to fall off… but I didn’t, I just slid right to the very edge!… but then I fell off as I was standing up again. ARGH.)

So, I tried a different tactic. I’d mainly been using a Balder Helm with chain mail armour and leggings (each upgraded to +1), so I could stay fairly agile. Then on one run I tried switching to the full Balder armour. That seemed to help, because on that run I managed to beat them! 😎


After ringing the bell, a man appeared offering absolution. Earlier on, I’d accidentally attacked a merchant in the Undead Burg sewers through the iron bars she was behind, and now she wouldn’t sell me anything. So I paid my 12000 souls or whatever it was, and went back to her… only to find that the anti-bleeding, anti-cursing mosses and things she now sells aren’t very useful to me (at least, not yet…)

So now what?

Went back to the Firelink graveyard and acquired some binoculars. Ventured a bit further and found a tunnel… “The Catacombs”… nope, not going there yet!

Maybe I should try and go and ring the second bell? So I’ll just go down to the ruins below Firelink…

G-G-G-GHOSTS! Nope, not going to try that area yet either!

So now I’m not really sure where I should tackle next.

… Don’t tell me: it’s going to be the Capra Demon, isn’t it? 😦

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