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Dark Souls progress: part 4

Monday 10th February 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Original forum post: 10 February 2014

Been playing the game pretty sporadically since my last progress update a month ago. (A month in terms of when I originally wrote them, that is; these first four are going up on this blog in one batch!)

My main weapon is a Longsword +5. I like it because it’s my most damaging weapon, is light, fast, and has decent range. Plus, its alternate attack is a direct forward thrust, which is useful when standing next to ledges (like edging round under the Undead Burg dragon’s bridge to kill the rats), and gives a quick kill after I’ve kicked a basic enemy to break its guard.

I have two Titanite Chunks, which I believe are the thing I need to let me take it above +5… but I don’t get the option to do so. Do I need to meet a certain different blacksmith in order to do that? Or do I just need more Titanite Chunks before the upgrade option will appear?

Capra Demon

Had a few more attempts at the Capra Demon, but each time, I DIED. I would have had more retries if he was a bit closer to a bonfire and I didn’t have to fight all those dogs and thieves on my way there.

(Before you correct me on this point: please read on…)

After my last post, I received the following advice from Rllmukforum user Polmon:

I’d suggest having a little explore around Darkroot Garden before going at Capra again. You’ll find something there which will help a fair bit with the fight.

Went to the Darkroot Garden, found the bonfire… used some humanity in order to reverse hollow and kindle it… then got my first ever invasion. Guy fired magic at me and I DIED.

These stone statues aren’t so tough, once you learn where they are so you don’t trigger more than one at once… still, not sure what you’re meant to do to combat their golden, ensnaring slow-motion spell: I can stay out of range while they cast it, but even after waiting a while, the spell still gets me the next moment I’m close, so I usually end up taking at least one hit before it wears off. What’s the correct method of avoiding that spell?

I picked up some items around that statue area. I think they were just various bits of armour – not sure if those are the things Polmon’s referring to, or if there’s something else I should go back and look for?

Ran through that statue area, up to some fog. LOOK, PRETTY BUTTERFLY! … Oh, I DIED. Fortunately on my next attempt I was able to get back there, recover my souls, and then Homeward Bone the hell out of there.

Went down the slope towards Darkroot Basin. Met a Black Knight. For several hits, he attacked and missed me completely because I was lower down the slope than him. (I think I said back in my first progress post that fighting on slopes seems like the clunkiest part of this game’s combat.) It almost seemed that I was going to be able to defeat him by exploiting that… until he landed a couple of hits and I DIED.

Farmed loads of souls by running back and forth through the Burg and Parish, and bought the thing from the blacksmith to open the gate in the forest. Went there, attacked by some knights and someone shooting magic at me. I DIED.

Back to the Undead Asylum

Went back to the Undead Asylum. Floor collapsed, fell through, met monster, I DIED.

Went back to the Undead Asylum again. Edged round the collapsing floor, explored a bit… arrgh, arrgh, Black Knight, run away! Explored a bit in a different direction. Down a ladder… arrgh, arrgh, Black Knight, run away! Escape up the ladder… OH CRAP some guy’s blocking me! Hang on, is that the guy who helped me right at the start of the game and then died? OK, so now I’m fighting him and that Black Knight at the same time in this confined space at the bottom of the ladder. Hey, I’m surviving a surprisingly long time… neither of them seem to be able to hit me very well! (Course, I’m not hitting them much, either.) … Oh. I DIED.

Capra Demon (again)

So next it was time to have some more attempts at the Capra Demon. Found that the alternate route, from the saleswoman in the sewers between the Burg and Firelink Shrine, is less hassle because I don’t have to fight all those dogs and thieves. From there it took maybe… six attempts? (I think I got him down to about 10% health on my third attempt, but then in the next couple of tries his dogs killed me early on.) Only landed one plunging attack, but that was very helpful, taking off something like 40% of his health. Wouldn’t have been anywhere near as tough if the camera was a bit more cooperative, if there was a bit less foliage around… and if I was better at coordinating when I was locked-on and when I was in “free aim”.

Before venturing into the Depths to lose all those lovely souls, I went back and spent those souls on levelling up, a repair box, and some titanite shards. (I’ve half-heartedly started levelling up the Club, just because I’m curious what its stats will be at +5.)

So now my current stats are:

Playtime 19h
Level 29
Vitality 17
Attunement 12
Endurance 18
Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Resistance 14
Intelligence 11
Faith 8

Main weapon: Longsword +5
Healer Shield
Balder Helm+2 (I think I’ll switch to the Gargoyle Helm if I begin to face lots of magic enemies)
Chain Armour+3
Elite Knight Gauntlets+1
Elite Knight Leggings+3
Blue Tearstone Ring
Rusted Iron Ring

As recommended, I’ve been focusing on Endurance, Vitality and Dexterity. I haven’t been putting anything into Attunement (I know it’ll give me more spell slots later on, but at the moment I don’t need any – Pyromancy’s in one slot, and the other one’s free with nothing to put in it!) or Faith. Should I?

And now it’s time to venture into…

The Depths

Is this some sort of kitchen? And hello, there’s the butcher who lives here, with his pet dogs. He looks like a friendly sort of fellow!

He turns out not to be too hard; it’s quite easy to stay away from him, so his dogs give me more trouble than he does.

Look, a giant rat! Hmm, he doesn’t seem to be able to get me from up here, and no way am I going down there to face him one on one. I know: I’ll use my massive hoard of Firebombs to blow him to hell! That did it. Now I’ll jump down and…

… ARGGH I’m sliding!

… Now where am I? What is that, some sort of spider…?

No it’s not a spider even though it walks like one…



Oh whoop-de-doo!

The real Dark Souls begins here, am I right?

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