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Rock Band Making Ofs

Thursday 24th November 2011 Leave a comment

For Rock Band’s fourth anniversary, Harmonix have uploaded some interesting behind the scenes information about the series’ development.

Here’s an interview about the production of the instrument peripherals, together with a video:


There’s also this more general video about the games’ development:


Spy & Pyro

Wednesday 3rd March 2010 Leave a comment

Probably the best Internet animation I’ve seen since Saturday Morning Watchmen a year ago.

Some very cartoony animation too… John K would approve! (Well, maybe. But come to think of it, probably not.)

Spy & Pyro - GordonFreeman, Alyx, Eli, Barney frame grab

Think of something new, videogame advertisers!

Monday 8th February 2010 Leave a comment

Has anyone noticed how many game adverts of recent years have used the gimmick of juxtaposing violent imagery against music that’s classical, laid-back, sombre, old-fashioned, jaunty, or otherwise incongruous?

I think the trend began in 2005 with the museum advert for Criterion’s Black:

Then we had:

Methinks these advertising agencies have been watching Face/Off a little too much…
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Sonic music with lyrics

Tuesday 2nd February 2010 Leave a comment

I quite liked these.

They’ll do to pass the time while Adam & Joe’s Song Wars is away. 🙂